Burntastic opensource commitment

Open source commitment Burntastic makes extensive use of GNU/Linux. All computing equipment runs GNU/Linux and where possible sustainable energy sources are used.

Software developed by Burntastic will where possible be released under GNU license. In all cases Burntastic strives to allow full access to any software coded for two reasons. Firstly, to contribute to the body of freely available software applications and secondly to enable peer review and corrections to the code stack.

Documentation commitment Good open source code must go hand in hand with good quality documentation. The barrier to contribution to many projects is the inability of the enthusiastic new developer to understand the code already produced. In many cases poor quality code that has full documentation is much more preferable to blisteringly fast excellent code that only the developer understands.

Burntastic is committed to providing as comprehensive a set of documentation as possible. To this end if you are a developer and you read some documentation produced by Burntastic and you know that it is in error or in need of further explanation, please contact Burntastic, who will be happy to take on board your suggestions and recommendations.