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Nigel Wilbraham is the owner of Burntastic Ltd and has over 30 years experience in engineering.

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Gnumeric - function writing tutorial Gnumeric

Gnumeric - function writing tutorial

Nigel Wilbraham April 11, 2023

How to write a Gnumeric bespoke user defined function from scratch

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OpenFoam - Micro Combustor Open foam Salome Free cad Hydrogen

OpenFoam - Micro Combustor

Nigel Wilbraham April 09, 2023

Overview: Micro GT Combustor analysis using openFOAM. Methane, kerosene and hydrogen fuels

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OpenFoam - radial swirler burner Open foam Salome

OpenFoam - radial swirler burner

Nigel Wilbraham February 09, 2021

Overview: Complex parametric models can be created that are easily imported into OpenFOAM

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1D combustor modelling in excel 1 d calculations

1D combustor modelling in excel

Nigel Wilbraham September 09, 2020

Overview Combustor modelling using zonal mixing gives initial concept analysis before detailed designs and testing prototypes

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Gnumeric - Bespoke function writing Gnumeric

Gnumeric - Bespoke function writing

Nigel Wilbraham September 09, 2020

Overview: For GNU/Linux users there are many spreadsheet applications to choose from.

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Combustion Probes - Examples Probes

Combustion Probes - Examples

Nigel Wilbraham May 09, 2020

Overview: Bespoke combustion probes designed for clients in collaboration with Scitek Consultants Ltd

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Flame spectra Spectra

Flame spectra

Nigel Wilbraham May 03, 2018

Overview: Flame spectra can give a lot of information about the quantum effects occuring in the reaction zones

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